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Tips to Starting a Small Business – Things to Do and Things to Avoid


Starting a business can be a really scary venture, especially for people who have no idea where to go and what to do. People have a vague idea that they need money to start a business, but no idea how much or where to get it. Some think that gambling or playing lotteries, like the Michigan lottery, would be a great idea to get money for a business venture, but they would be wrong. Business requires calculation and risk evaluation, not to mention that your bank would not like if you get indebted due to a potential gambling problem. That is why everyone needs to spend their money carefully and […]

Where to Invest in 2018


Everybody knows they should invest in stock market, banks, oil companies, real estate, etc, but what about “the next big thing”, the latest trends in businesses that might make you a millionaire if you recognize their potential before others do. Our analysis shows that these 7 businesses are worth investing in this year. Online Gambling: with millions of users and billions in profits, online gambling shows no signs of decline. We’ve already dedicated an article to how lucrative investing in gambling can be, but while the number of physical machines tend to drop, online gambling has an uninterrupted growing trend and plenty of space for investment. If you want to […]

Five ‘Can’t Miss’ Entrepreneur Events This Autumn


Mix and mingle with the top players in your game, raise new funding and discover innovative ideas at one of these superb events! They are a great way to network, find out what’s new in the world of tech, design, marketing, and more, and learn innovative strategies to help you launch and grow your business. Social Media Week London 12 – 16 September Social Media Week London is a week-long conference that provides the ideas, trends, insights and inspiration to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more in a hyper-connected world. The event features an official event and a series of independent events. During a week of presentations, […]

Six Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires advanced social and professional skills, determination, stress management as well as good intuition. Here are crucial tips all aspiring businessmen and businesswomen should keep close to heart. 1. Go to entrepreneur events: you will learn from the best, improve your ideas, get valuable feedback from other entrepreneurs, make new contacts and partnerships. This will inspire and motivate you to act and fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams. 2. Get feedback from customers: Always pay close attention to your customer’s reactions to your product and service, and let unhappy customers teach you where the holes are. Building social networks and online communities around your business […]

Why Entrepreneurs Should Go to Conferences


Picking the right conferences to attend is a must for every aspiring entrepreneur. In this article, we will explain why attending conferences is so important for your business to grow. Fundraising: If you have a startup and you are looking for investors, conferences will give you the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the top players in your industry. Inspiration: attending a conference will inspire and motivate you to take action and fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams. It can show you the possibilities for success that you weren’t even aware of. Sharing thoughts and hearing various opinions from other experts in your field is sure to give you new […]

Why Invest in Gambling Business


Looking for investment opportunities in 2017? Considering the huge size of the gambling industry and the fact that gambling’s popularity has soared in recent years, this could be one of the most prolific investment options. With market capitalizations in the multibillion-dollar range, investors in gambling industry can quite reasonably hope for a rewarding return. The competition is big, but there is plenty of demand as well. Check out this Dirty Dancing Slot for a quick look at the sort of product you will be selling. As a future investor, you will have the variety of options to choose from: casinos, racetrack, sports-betting companies, and of course, the ever more popular […]

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