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What people say

Here’s a small selection of the fantastic feedback that we were deluged with after the 2013 Convention…

“Having been in the EC for over three years now, I have to say Entrepreneurs Convention has eclipsed it all. I thought the content over the two days will be game changing. But aside from that the organisation was truly superb, to manage over 1,300 delegates was a mammoth task. Nigel’s team was excellent in every department and also credit must go to the ICC staff as well who always seem to be on hand.

To hear the case studies of British business owners that are at the forefront of innovation was very inspirational and we must all aspire to follow their lead. Learning and making notes is one thing but its really only when implementation takes place that the true benefits bear fruit. The task now , as always is to take the ground breaking strategies learnt over the past two days and implement in our own individual businesses.”

Kelvin White Kelvin White Driving School

“Thank You for a fantastic event in Birmingham these past few days. Great Content, well organised, Fantastically well Presented.”

Paul Glenister EasiStore

“Superb Convention from start to finish. The N5 team gave 100% and it showed. Thank you for an inspirational and, most importantly, unparalleled 48 hours of wisdom, guidance and non-stop practical insight.”

Peter Austen InnVentive

“Just got back to Devon having been absolutely blown away at the shear awesomeness of the the Entrepreneurs Conference. One of Thom’s nuggets will easily generate us a 5-6 figure return in time… and I’ve just discovered PointBreak is on telly tonight – just what I need to bring my buzz level down!! that and a ******* expensive bottle of red. Well Done Team EC you rocked it big time.”

Dan McAndrew ADI Success

“Totally blew me away. So many fantastic insights, so much to implement (now, quickly and simultaneously of course). Sir Chris Hoy was awesome, humbling and inspirational (didn’t you think that Nigel was totally at home on the sofa, top class interview – they must breed them in Yorkshire). Couldn’t sleep so up early to get going! Veronica – we missed you big time, it was totally your thing. Didn’t see half of the lovely peeps I wanted to, but made some fantastic new friends too. Loved it! Buzz, buzzy, buzzing!”

Dawn Fry The Melting Pot

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